After George Floyd, A Vow

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Why haven’t I released a statement on George Floyd? I’ve been busy. I hear the echoes of protests in my conscience. The rallying cry of those hungry for Justice reverberates like thunder in the mountains, but what astonishes me the most is that I am the target of The Imperative. I am where the protestors aim the thunderbolt. As a criminal defense attorney, delivering Justice is my calling and my responsibility. I vow to do everything in my power to bring the Justice that you demand.

As a criminal defense attorney, it is my sacred duty, my honor and my privilege to Stand and to Question the almighty and God-like State. It is on my shoulders that you entrust your Accused, the caste that no one loves. The Accused who have no uniform, no public budget and no lobbying arm for resources. The Accused, my clients, who face a Public Trial, and in so doing display the courage to expose the atrocities that are daily perpetrated against the masses by The State.

I stand with you, I have heard your demands, and with your help, I will deliver. I cannot do it alone. We need voters to support real judges, not party puppets, legislators and executives. We need jurors who revere the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution, and we need your voices in the public media.

–Paul Saputo

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