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Not just criminal defense lawyers, we are warriors fighting unjust and corrupt government prosecutions with a history of success and a reputation for tenacity, courage and legal ingenuity

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A History of Success

The Saputo Law Firm has obtained hundreds of acquittals and dismissals in complex criminal litigation in state and federal courts across Texas. We have represented numerous high-profile clients, including the accused shooter in the Dallas Police Shooting in 2016, one of the accused bikers in the Waco Twin Peaks Biker incident, and many more cases that have garnered local media attention.

Consistently high-level legal representation is the hallmark of our boutique
criminal defense practice.

We deliver excellent client satisfaction as reflected in our numerous 5-star reviews. Client service is our priority, and we have been consistently awarded the AVVO Client’s Choice Award for excellent client service.

In addition to results in criminal defense trials, we deliver results in areas wherever our clients demand attention, including in litigation regarding driver’s licenses, record clearing, judicial clemency, criminal appeals and other post-trial litigation.

A Reputation for Tenacity, Courage and Legal Ingenuity

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We do not just rest on our laurels, we are dedicated to our clients in every single case and every single matter. We are active in many criminal defense and legal organizations, and we regularly contribute to the advancement of our field.

Paul Saputo was voted one of the Three Best Rated Criminal Defense Lawyers in Dallas

As an innovator, many other criminal defense attorneys send us the difficult cases, and we are frequently hired by other attorneys on a consult basis or as a “second-chair.” In that capacity, we have obtained success in matters ranging from federal criminal sentencing, federal trial litigation and numerous technically-complex issues such as expunctions, judicial clemency, occupational driver’s licenses and writs of habeas corpus.

The Saputo Law Firm doesn’t work for the government, we fight the government.

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On this website, you can learn about our practice, about the people involved with the Saputo Law Firm and you can learn about Texas and Federal Criminal Law.

Our Criminal Law Guide has information about Texas crimes, federal criminal law and important topics in Texas law like probation law, extradition, expunctions, judicial clemency, orders of non-disclosure and sex offender de-registration.

You can also learn more about our practice on one of our practice pages. We have pages dedicated to our Texas Trial Practice, Federal Trial Practice, Sex Crimes Defense, DWI Defense, Occupational License Practice, Municipal Court Practice, White Collar Defense and Drug Crime Defense and many other practice areas.

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