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Texas Crimes

Texas law describes hundreds of different offenses throughout various codes. All of these offenses are subject to limitations provided by the United States and Texas Constitutions. The Texas legislature must pass a law before you can be convicted of it, and not every law that passes the legislature meets constitutional requirements. In this section of the website, we attempt to describe many of the various laws passed by the Texas legislature.

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All of the Texas state offenses in the Penal Code and other related statutes in Texas law are listed below. The list starts with the Penal Code, beginning from the lowest-number chapter and section and progressing through the highest-numbered sections. The list then continues with the other codes organized in the same manner. Alternatively, you can click on a category to view that category’s specific page.


Texas criminal law is found primarily in the set of state laws called the Texas Penal Code. The penal code is divided into 11 Titles, grouping crimes into categories such as “Offenses against Property” and “Offenses against the Person.” We have many articles about these offenses with detailed information that may be helpful to your criminal case.

However, not all Texas criminal offenses are found in many other Texas codes, including the Texas Transportation Code (unsurprisingly, this contains most of the Texas traffic offenses), the Texas Health and Safety Code (containing drug offenses, among others), the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and the Texas Civil Code.

“PC” means the Texas Penal Code. “HSC” stands for the Texas Health and Safety Code. “ABC” stands for Alcoholic Beverage Code. “TTC” stands for Texas Transportation Code. “TEC” stands for Texas Election Code.

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In addition to describing different crimes, Texas law codifies many other important criminal law topics, including criminal procedure, appeals and civil filings related to criminal cases. Some important examples are record-clearing laws (for expunctions, nondisclosures, record sealing and clemency), sex offender registration and deregistration, driver’s license laws, probation laws and extradition laws. If you’re looking for one of these other laws that are not listed here, you can start by visiting the Criminal Law Guide.

A list of all Texas Crimes is below

Texas Penal Code Offenses:

Texas Health and Safety Code Offenses

Texas Civil Code Offenses

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code Offenses:

Texas Transportation Code Offenses

Texas Election Code Offenses

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