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Texas SR-22 laws define “financial responsibility forms.” These are required to get Occupational Driver’s Licenses in Texas, and they are sometimes required as a condition of bond.

Why would you need an Occupational Driver’s License? You need to get an Occupational Driver’s License in order to drive legally if your license has been suspended.

An SR-22 is required by the state so that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) can ensure that you maintain insurance throughout the period of time that you are driving on the occupational license. Learn more about Occupational Driver’s Licenses

Important Considerations in Choosing an SR-22 Endorsement

Some of my clients choose to get an SR-22 through their own insurance company. For the reasons outlined below, I think that this is not the best idea. Many insurance companies consider the SR-22 to be high-risk and will not be happy if you try to get them to issue the form, and this will usually flag the policy for non-renewal. Other companies may issue the SR-22 but move your policy into a high-risk category, significantly raising your rates–and don’t forget, all drivers and vehicles on a policy are forced into the high-risk pool.

SR-22 Financial Responsibility Certificate
This is what an SR-22 Financial Responsibility Certificate looks like. SR-22 insurance is available at many different insurance companies.

Some insurance agents will try to sell you a non-owners policy written through the Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association (TAIPA)–the “state pool.” This causes numerous problems. The process forces a company to provide the SR-22 to you, so many of these companies are actively looking for a reason to cancel your policy, something that is very easy to do. Since the assigned company is not required to provide insurance for a driver with a suspended license, they can simply cancel the policy and remove themselves from the risk. Additionally, it might take weeks before you actually receive the SR-22.

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 (also known as a Financial Responsibility Form) is an endorsement that is attached to an insurance policy. It will be issued to you in the form of a paper document that has your name and the name of the issuing company on it. The company that issued it to you has an obligation to monitor whether you maintain automobile insurance. If your automobile insurance is canceled, the SR-22 company will notify the state of Texas of that.

Is an SR-22 an insurance policy?

Many people mistakenly believe that an SR-22 is a separate insurance policy, but in fact it is a tool used by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) that transfers the responsibility of monitoring the policy status to the company that issued the SR-22. Some people obtain an SR-22 from their current insurance company, but this is not necessary and not recommended for the reasons I describe above.

How much does an SR-22 cost?

The cost of an SR-22 varies depending on the company that you choose to issue the endorsement. Some companies may charge a monthly fee, others may charge a yearly fee. If price is the main consideration in obtaining your SR-22, I encourage you to shop around. However, I recommend choosing a company that will be easy to work with and that can issue you an SR-37 and directly email me the SR-22. One company that we have worked with in the past is Accurate Concept insurance at conceptsr22.com. We are not affiliated with them, but our clients have had no problems and have had good things to say.

What is a non-owner’s policy? Should my SR-22 be a non-owner’s policy?

A non-owner’s policy is an insurance policy that is limited to damage that you cause while operating a vehicle that is not your own. Contact me for more information about whether getting a non-owner’s policy is best for you.

Who issues SR-22s?

SR-22s are issued by private companies. It is not provided by the state, nor does our office issue them. They can be issued by insurance companies or other similar service providers.

How does an SR-22 work?

When an SR-22 is issued and filed with DPS, the company that issued the SR-22 monitors the status of the policy to which the SR-22 is attached. The SR-22 remains effective until the issuing company notifies DPS that the policy has terminated.

How do I get the SR-22 to you so that you can get my Occupational Driver’s License?

Many companies can directly email me a copy of the SR-22 if you tell them my email address. Alternatively, you can have them email it to you and you can forward it to me. Otherwise, you can fax it to me or bring me a hard copy of the SR-22.

Why do I need an SR-22?

You need an SR-22 in order to get an Occupational Driver’s License (aka an ODL). I need the SR-22 before I file your Occupational Driver’s License petition, and a judge will not grant your Petition for and Occupational Driver’s License without seeing a copy of your SR-22. In addition, you will have to send a copy to DPS after a judge grants the petition.

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Texas Sr-22 Law

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