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Consistently high-level legal representation is the hallmark of our boutique Ector County criminal defense practice.

We’re not just Ector County criminal defense lawyers, we are warriors fighting unjust and corrupt government prosecutions with a history of success and a reputation for tenacity, courage and legal ingenuity

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Ector County Criminal Defense Attorneys: Saputo | Toufexis

Our Ector County criminal defense attorneys have provided skilled counsel in the Odessa, TX region for years. Throughout this time, our legal professionals have continued to expand our scope of service to suit the legal needs of an array of clients.

West Texas district attorneys have begun to aggressively prosecute many types of criminal offenses, so you should seek legal advice from top rated Odessa criminal defense attorneys as early as possible.

Located in a premier oil-producing region, Odessa has seen its economy and population soar. Along with this boom, arrests for serious felonies have also sharply increased. If you are facing charges in Odessa, Texas, for crimes including murder, child abuse, sex assault, or any other serious felony offense, rest assured that our experienced Ector County criminal defense attorneys stand ready to help you.

If you’re looking for the best Ector County criminal defense attorney, then we want to represent you.

At Saputo Toufexis | Criminal Defense, we are looking for clients who want to hire the top criminal defense attorneys in Ector County.

Our history of success in includes representation of numerous high-profile Ector County clients and notable high-profile victories. We have also disposed of many other cases quietly and out of the sight of the public. We use our experience to fight to keep all our clients out of Ector County jail and out of prison.

If you are looking for an authoritative Ector County criminal defense attorney, call us or book a consultation today.

What kinds of cases do our Ector County criminal defense attorneys handle?

At Saputo Toufexis | Criminal Defense, we believe that hiring a top-rated Ector County criminal defense attorney can provide the optimal outcome for your case. But we understand that it’s not easy to find the best Ector County criminal defense attorney for your case. It’s difficult to even figure out where to start.

You can start by looking at reviews and testimonials, but as everyone knows these days, so much of that can be fake, purchased, or misleading.

It’s important to consider experience, but remember that lots of experience can sometimes lead to stagnation, carelessness, and cynicism.

You should consider reputation, but remember that some of the best criminal defense attorneys challenge the status quo in court, and this can result in them not being very popular.

There’s no magic recipe for what makes the best attorney for your case, so we suggest you talk to the attorneys and get a feel for where their passion lies. Are they passionate about criminal defense or did they just start doing this because they got kicked out of the Ector County DA’s office?

We have never worked as prosecutors. We have dedicated our entire legal careers to perfecting the art of Texas criminal defense. Learn more about us >

Where are the Ector County Criminal Courts?

All of the Ector County criminal courts are located inside of the Ector County Courthouse located at 300 N Grant Ave, Odessa, TX 79761.

Where can I search for and find criminal cases in Ector County?

You can find records related to Ector county criminal cases on the county’s case records page.

Ector County has two County Courts at Law. These are the courts that handle most misdemeanor offenses. Ector County has five District Courts. These are the courts that handle felony offenses.

Ector County Misdemeanor Courts

  • County Court at Law 1
    • Judge Brooke Hendricks currently presides over County Court at Law 1 in Ector County.
  • County Court at Law 2
    • Judge Christopher M. Clark currently presides over County Court at Law 2 in Ector County. 

District Courts in Ector County

  • 70th District Court
  • 161st District Court
  • 244th District Court
  • 358th District Court
    • Judge John Shrode presides over Texas’s 358th District Court.
  • 446th District Court
    • Judge Sara Kate Billingsley presides over Texas’s 446th District Court.


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