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We’re not just Kaufman County criminal defense lawyers, we are warriors fighting unjust and corrupt government prosecutions with a history of success and a reputation for tenacity, courage and legal ingenuity

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Kaufman County Criminal Defense Attorneys: Saputo | Toufexis

Working as Kaufman County criminal defense lawyers brings a unique set of opportunities and challenges that make it different from working in other counties. As a team of defense attorneys in Kaufman County, we recognize that the local legal customs, court procedures, and societal attitudes towards crime and punishment can greatly influence the outcome of a case.

Kaufman County is recognized for its strict approach to crime, which can influence the strategies we use and how we manage each case. Our team of Kaufman County criminal defense attorneys understands the intricacies of practicing law in this county. We have devised effective strategies to navigate this unique local criminal justice system.

If you’re looking for the professional Kaufman County criminal defense attorneys, then we want to represent you.

At Saputo Toufexis | Criminal Defense, we are looking for clients who want to hire serious criminal defense attorneys in Kaufman County.

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What kinds of cases do our Kaufman County criminal defense attorneys handle?

It is not easy to find the best Kaufman County criminal defense attorney for your case, but selecting the appropriate attorney is crucial, as it can heavily influence your case’s outcome. Ensure the attorney you pick specializes in the relevant area of criminal defense.

Effective communication is key. Your attorney should be transparent, responsive, and open to discussing your case.

Familiarize yourself with the attorney’s fee structure. Clarify whether payment plans are available and what services are covered. Regardless, your attorney must prioritize your case and promptly address your concerns.

We suggest you talk to the attorneys and get a feel for where their passion lies. Are they passionate about criminal defense or did they just start doing this because they got kicked out of the Kaufman County DA’s office? Whose side is your attorney really on?

We have never worked as prosecutors. We have dedicated our entire legal careers to perfecting the art of Texas criminal defense. Learn more about us >

Where are the Kaufman County Criminal Courts?

The Kaufman County Criminal Courts are located inside of the Kaufman County Courthouse located at 100 W Mulberry St, Kaufman, TX 75142.

Where can I search for and find criminal cases in Kaufman County?

You can find records related to Kaufman County criminal cases on the county’s case records page.

Kaufman County has two county criminal courts. These are the courts that handle most misdemeanor offenses. Kaufman County has three district courts. These are the courts that handle felony offenses.

Kaufman County Misdemeanor Courts

  • County Court at Law
    • During the Republican Primary General Election on March 5, 2024, four candidates filed for the race to fill the unexpired term for the Kaufman County Court at Law bench, stemming from Judge Tracy Gray’s resigning to run for the newly created 489th District Court and her appointment by Governor Abbott that followed.
  • County Court at Law 2
    • Judge Bobby Rich currently presides over County Court at Law 2 in Kaufman County.

Kaufman County Felony Courts

  • 86th District Court
    • Judge Casey Blair presides over Kaufman County’s 86th District Court. She was elected in 2012 and won the 2016 Republican primary. She is up for reelection in the general election taking place November 8th 2016.
  • 422nd District
    • Judge Shelton T.W. Gibbs IV presides over the 422nd District Court in Kaufman County. He was elected in 2020 and was sworn in January 1, 2021 as Kaufman County’s first African American district judge. Prior to becoming judge, Gibbs was a career prosecutor.
  • 489th District
    • Judge Tracy Gray presides over the newly-created 489th District Court. Formerly a county court judge, Gray was appointed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott in February 2024. Her initial term ends in 2024.


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