Child Abuse crimes graphic with Texas flag
Child Abuse crimes graphic with Texas flag

Child Abuse Crimes

Child Abuse crimes in Texas primarily fall into either a sexual or assaultive sub-category. Some, however, do not fall neatly into those categories. These typically require a heightened duty to care for the child in question.

The list below does not include some offenses that, although they may be child abuse in some instances, are primarily in a different category. For instance, you can be charged with Sexual Assault if you have consensual sex with a child (this is known as Statutory Rape), even though sexual assault is typically a crime involving adults.

The list below contains each of the Child Abuse offenses in Texas

*The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals held that one subsection of the Online Solicitation of a Minor offense, 33.021(b), as it was written at the time, was unconstitutional.

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