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Interviews & Other Press Coverage

Nicholas Toufexis comments on What Texas’ Drag Law Could Mean for the LGBTQ+ Community

Paul Saputo explains Criminal Conspiracy charges in the Georgia prosecution of Donald Trump led by Fani Willis

The American Reporter profiles Saputo Toufexis | Criminal Defense

Paul Saputo comments on the Netflix Indictment in Tyler County, Texas, over the Cuties film

Paul Saputo comments on Bill Cosby’s prosecutors hiding evidence

Paul Saputo comments on Ager Hasan case regarding extradition to Canada

Paul Saputo Comments on John Rayne Rivello & Kurt Eichenwald Case

Paul Saputo Comments on Recent Local Immigration Enforcement

Paxton says the prosecution of the mother of four children “shows how serious Texas is about keeping its elections secure”; Saputo is quoted saying the case was “an enormous waste” of court resources.

American Bar Association interviews Paul Saputo regarding for law students involved in Social Activism

Paul Saputo Comments on Marijuana Legalization

Arrested or Charged With a Crime?

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