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Texas law defines hundreds of criminal offenses. And at least every other year, the Texas legislature meets to consider updating these laws and adding new ones. In 2023, the legislature added many new criminal offenses and made other significant changes to Texas criminal law in both regular legislative sessions and special legislative sessions.

The legislature has added new Texas crimes in each and every legislative session since 2015.

This page contains a list of all of the Texas crimes in the Texas Penal Code. In addition to Penal Code offenses, we include select criminal offenses in the Texas Health and Safety Code, Alcoholic Beverage Code, Transportation Code, Election Code, and Government Code. Except where otherwise indicated, these offenses have been updated to be current through 2024.

Texas Penal Code Offenses:

Texas Health and Safety Code Offenses

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code Offenses:

Texas Transportation Code Offenses

Texas Election Code Offenses

Texas Government Code Offenses

Texas Finance Code Offenses

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