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Below you’ll find examples of some of our notable victories. This is not a complete list of all of our recent victories. Note that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in your case. Every case is different.

2021 Not Guilty in Collin County

In one of the first trials since courts reopened after the Covid-19 pandemic, Paul Saputo tried his client’s case with Nick Toufexis against two of Collin County’s best misdemeanor prosecutors. The jury returned a Not Guilty verdict in less than 5 minutes.

2019 Not Guilty in Collin County DWI >0.15

Paul Saputo tried his client’s case alone against two formidable prosecutors in Collin County in late 2019. Facing a particularly high blood score, his client put his liberty on the line and went to the jury. We fought hard against stiff opposition from the state. Few of the judge’s rulings came back on our side, but we were nonetheless able to prevail. The jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict after 2 days of deliberation.

2019 Not Guilty in Dallas County Indecency with a Child

Paul Saputo and Rob Keating tried an Indecency with a Child case to a jury in May 2019 in Dallas County. The jury returned a Not Guilty verdict on the indicted offense of Indecency with a Child. Unfortunately, the jury returned a Guilty verdict on a lesser included offense of Attempted Indecency, which the state asked for mid-trial. The case is currently on appeal.

Oral Argument at the United States Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Prosecutorial Misconduct Claim arising out of Northern District of Texas

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals granted oral argument on a case that Paul Saputo tried in 2016 in the Northern District of Texas. We appealed the verdict, arguing that the significant prosecutorial misconduct should have required the federal district court judge to dismiss the case.

We were able to show that the FBI’s digital forensic expert had allowed multiple gigabytes of data to overwrite critical data on our client’s hard drive, and the only place where we could look for clues (the master file table) had also been corrupted while in FBI custody because the forensic analyst had allowed a defrag process to execute.

None of this was initially disclosed to the defense, although it was eventually admitted at trial on cross-examination by Mr. Paul Saputo.

2018 Not Guilty in Martin County Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer

Paul Saputo and Rob Keating traveled to Martin County in 2018 to try an Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon case. Our client had already plead guilty, under the advice of his old attorney, without the benefit of any plea bargain offer. He was facing life in prison. As soon as we took over the case, we filed a motion for to change his plea to Nor Guilty, and we set the case for trial.

Our client had engaged in a standoff with police in Stanton, Texas. Ultimately Midland S.W.A.T. was engaged, along with an armored vehicle, to end the standoff. Our client was accused of shooting at a police officer.

We were able to hire and expert to evaluate the alleged “bullet holes.” Our expert was able to reproduce the material into which the bullets were allegedly shot, and conclude, after an independent experiment, that the holes were likely not caused by bullets

At trial, the state’s case fell apart as we were able to cast doubt on each of the witnesses’ testimony. In the middle of trial, the state offered a fantastic plea bargain, five years deferred adjudication probation. We turned it down and went to the jury.

The jury returned a quick NOT GUILTY verdict, and our client walked free.

Not Guilty in 2018 Dallas County DWI Trial

In Dallas County Criminal Court 9, a jury returned a Not Guilty verdict in a DWI case that we had worked on for three years. It was a hard-fought case involving a major accident.

Client cleared in Dallas Police Shooting wrongful accusation

Our client was wrongfully accused by the Dallas Police Department of shooting several police officers during a peaceful protest in downtown Dallas in 2016. For a time he was among the most wanted men in the United States. We were retained late in the evening after he turned himself into authorities, and we were able to quickly find evidence and secure his release.

Coverage related to clients wrongly accused in Dallas Police Shooting case

Federal sentencing results in 10 Year Downward Deviation from Sentencing Guidelines in 2018

Judge Lynn granted our client a 10-year downward deviation from the federal sentencing guidelines. Such deviations are very rare in a federal sentencing case. Deviations are different from departures. A guideline departure is a considered within the framework of the guidelines, while a deviation has no basis in the guidelines. A deviation is rarer than a departure.

Not Guilty Jury Verdict for client originally accused of Intoxication Manslaughter

Our client in this case was originally charged with Intoxication Manslaughter. After quick action by our legal and investigative team, we were able to find evidence that our client was not the driver of the vehicle. The Dallas District Attorney’s Office refused to drop the charges, and so we went to trial. After a highly-contested trial, the jury returned a Not Guilty verdict.

The state then proceeded to seek a conviction for misdemeanor DWI. We filed a motion to dismiss pursuant to the Double Jeopardy clause, arguing that a jury had already returned a verdict indicating that our client was not the driver of the vehicle. The judge agreed and ultimately dismissed the case. To date, the real driver of the vehicle has not faced prosecution.

Case Dismissed after picking jury in Aggravated Sexual Assault of Child case in 2017

The day after jury selection in a Dallas prosecution for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, our client was offered a misdemeanor assault reduction. We turned it down and demanded a trial. The district attorney then immediately dismissed the case. More than two years of litigation resulted in long-overdue justice for our client. Tough case, meet tough defense attorney.

United States Attorney dismisses case against client charged in El Paso Federal Court with Possession of Child Pornography

Our client was charged in an El Paso federal court with Receipt and Distribution of Material Involving the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Possession of Material Involving the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Cause No. EP-16-CR0860. After we discovered discrepancies between what the FBI and DHS asked a judge to search and what they actually searched, we filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence based on a violation of our client’s Constitutional rights. Instead of having a hearing on the issue, the United States Attorney’s Office decided to dismiss the case, allowing federal authorities to save face.

ALL CHARGES DISMISSED against our client in the Twin Peaks Waco Biker case

In 2015, nine people were killed in a shootout at a Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas. There has been extensive press coverage related to this case.

On April 4, 2019, all charges against our client were dismissed!

Sample Coverage related to the Waco Biker case

Client “No-billed” by grand jury investigating shooting death case

Our client used deadly force during the course of his duty. We represented the client before and during a grand jury investigation. After almost a year, the Dallas County grand jury refused to return an indictment. Instead, our client was “no-billed” and cleared of all charges.

Coverage of Case Involving Waco teacher sending messages to student

Our client was charged with displaying harmful material to a minor. Litigation is ongoing, and we are not offering comment at this time. There has been extensive local coverage related to this case, and the below is a sampling.

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Judge returns a Directed Verdict of Acquittal in case involving trainer of professional athletes

Our client was an athletic trainer who had worked with numerous professional athletes. He was charged with assaulting a public servant and several other related charges. During a jury trial in Dallas County, attorney Paul Saputo requested that the court return a directed verdict of Not Guilty. After heated argument between defense counsel and the state prosecuting attorney, the judge agreed with defense counsel and granted a directed verdict of acquittal. Soon after, the Dallas District Attorney’s Office chose to drop all remaining charges.

Rare Not Guilty verdict in Rockwall County DWI

Our client was charged with Driving While Intoxicated in Rockwall County, a county with a notably high DWI conviction rate. Our client decided to try the case, and we were able to obtain a Not Guilty verdict. The state had blood evidence indicating a high blood alcohol concentration level, but the state’s lab procedures in the cases were called into question. The jury returned its verdict after approximately two hours of deliberation.

2016 Dismissal of Fort Worth Federal Possession of Obscene Visual Representation of the Sexual Abuse of Children

Our client was facing prosecution in the Fort Worth Division of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas for Possession of Obscene Visual Representation of the Sexual Abuse of Children in 2016. After hours of argument in federal court, we were able to secure the pretrial release of our client. We attacked the accusation on several grounds, including the jurisdiction of the charge. The United States Attorney’s Office subsequently filed a motion to dismiss the charge.

Hill County Money Laundering case Dismissed and civil asset forfeiture assets returned

Our client was charged with Money Laundering, DWI and Possession of Controlled Substance in Hill County after a traffic stop turned into a major arrest. The state also attempted to seize several thousands dollars of our client’s money through a civil asset forfeiture action. The case was set for trial. Prior to trial, we were able to convince the District Attorney’s Office to drop all felony charges and return most of our client’s money. In the end, our client accepted a plea bargain deal on the DWI case alone that required him to be on probation and pay a fine. All felony charges were dismissed.

Coverage of teen Lewisville client charged with hit-and-run death

Our client was charged in connection with a hit-and-run death in Lewisville. Litigation is ongoing, and we are not offering comment at this time. There has been extensive local coverage related to this case, and the below is a sampling.

Coverage related to this case

Two Montague County Indecency with a Child cases Dismissed

Faced with two charges of child molestation in Montague County, our client was facing the serious possibility of dying in prison. We vigorously fought the charges, with our client asserting his absolute innocence. On the eve of trial, we were able to convince the Montague County District Attorney to drop the charges. Our client ended up instead pleading guilty to two misdemeanor simple assault charges.

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