Texas Fraud & Theft Crimes Graphic

Theft & Fraud Crimes

Theft & Fraud crimes are closely related in Texas. In Texas, most theft, shoplifting and stealing crimes are group together into a single offense that is simply called “Theft” in the Texas Penal Code. Texas does not have separate offenses for “larceny,” “embezzlement,” “theft by false pretext,” “extortion” or “receiving or concealing stolen property.” These offenses were consolidated into the singular “Theft” offense. Learn more about the general Theft offense

Fraud offenses, commonly referred to as “White Collar Crimes” include some element of fraud or bribery. Both Texas state and federal law cover these types of crimes. Texas describes many financial crimes in its Penal Code (abbreviated herein as “PC”). Fraud investigations may involve agencies as varied as the local police, the FBI, SEC, Secret Service, and state Attorneys General.

The list below includes various theft & fraud crimes in Texas.

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