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assault crimes text with flags background

Assault Crimes

Texas Assault Crimes require some element of physical harm or damage to another person (or, in some cases, at least the threat of serious harm). Assault offenses are found primarily in Chapter 22 of the Penal Code. There are many possible enhancements for Assault charges, such as deadly weapon or victim-status enhancements (for instance if the victim was a peace officer or family member). There are several defenses available to people charged with assault crimes that are unique to the Assault offense as well, such as “self-defense” or “consent.” Learn more about the Defenses to Assault

We have excluded from this list assaultive crimes of a sexual nature, like Sexual Assault. We have instead included those under the Sex Crimes category. We have similarly excluded Homicide Crimes, crimes that are focused on Child Abuse (like Injury to a Child) and crimes requiring Intoxication as an element along with assault (like Intoxication Assault).

The list below contains each of the Assault offenses in Texas.

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