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As a Sex Crimes Defense Attorney, Paul Saputo defends clients against criminal charges like possession of child pornography, compelling prostitution, sexual assault (rape) and indecency with a child. The best sex crimes defense strategy demands a mix of cutting-edge science, traditional investigative resources and the mastery of digital and forensic technology. When Texas prosecutes you for a sex crime offense, both your freedom and your reputation are at risk. Accordingly, the Saputo Law Firm aims to not only win your case, but also keep your name out of the public eye. In defending numerous serious sex crime charges, we have developed some of the best specialized tools for investigating accusations and defending our clients throughout Texas.

Whether you are facing a Texas state sex crime charge or a federal sex crime charge, Mr. Saputo can passionately represent you as a sex crimes defense lawyer. We provide you with sincere advice and aggressive representation in fighting criminal sex crime charges. If you are facing arrest, or if you are concerned about a pending investigation involving a sex crime, please take advantage of out free consultations and call us anytime at (888) 239-9305 to speak with a criminal defense attorney or email us for schedule a free consultation at our Dallas location.

Sex crimes defense can be both highly technical and emotionally-charged. If you have been accused of a sex crime, we know how deeply the simple accusation may affect your life–both personally and publicly. Sex crime defense requires unique strategies and an attorney who is not afraid to make challenging decisions and defend you when everyone assumes you’re already guilty. Many times our criminal defense goal is to keep your name out of the public eye without even as much as an arrest, because the arrest can hurt even if you are not ultimately convicted.

We have compiled more information about sex crimes together with insights into our defense strategies and other information about our sex crime defense practice below. Scroll down to find answers to some questions frequently asked of our criminal defense attorney about sex crime defense:

Are you under investigation for a Sex Crime? Should you cooperate with the police investigation?

We have assisted our clients through many difficult police interrogations. Although consenting to an interrogation is not something that we always recommend, at times it can be in your best interest to keep an investigation from proceeding any further. In some cases we have communicated directly with law enforcement authorities on behalf of our clients instead of consenting to a direct interrogation. Police interrogations are almost always extremely stressful and painful experiences. In your case, it may or may not be advisable to meet with the police–even if you are innocent, the way something looks may be enough to get you in trouble–this is something that we carefully consider on your behalf because this decision can have a huge impact on the ultimate outcome your case. These are dangerous waters, and we are here to help you with experienced sex crime legal representation.

Have you been arrested for a Sex Crime? What can you do to defend yourself?

Many people incorrectly believe forensic science is beyond challenge, but as experienced defense lawyers know, science is subject to error, both human error and error from the methods used by investigators.

Just the arrest for a sexual offense can drastically impact your life (even if you are ultimately found not guilty), so do not hesitate to contact us immediately if you are under investigation.

Not every sex crime case come down to science: sometimes the biggest challenge is a key witness, or maybe a sympathetic (but lying) victim, or maybe it is one of the many complex social relationships or situations regarding age of consent. In any case, digital forensic evidence, science and the complex nature of human relationships all play an important role in crafting your defense.

Texas sex crimes include:

View the complete list of Texas Sex Crimes

Whatever charge you are facing, do not hesitate to contact us immediately to defend you.

What are the penalties for Sex Crimes in Texas?

The penalties for sex crimes in Texas run the gamut, from misdemeanor to felony charges of every degree. You should click on one of our specific links below or read the applicable statute.

Additionally, most sex crimes will require you register with the sex offender registry if you are convicted. It is also important to note that many forms of sentencing alternatives and other forms of statutory relief are not available to sex crime convictions. For instance, you will not be eligible to orders of non-adjudication for many sex crime convictions.

Sex offender violations are also a serious problem in the state of Texas and around the country. It can be very easy to violate the terms of sex offender registration requirements, and the penalties for violations can be severe. We can also help you with appealing these types of violations if you are already on the sex offender registration list.

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