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Texas Sex Crimes are found in the Texas Penal Code (abbreviated here as “PC”). A complete list of Texas sex crimes are below, but we have excluded certain offense that primarily fall into another category. Many of these exceptions have to do with sex crimes involving children, like Indecency with a Child. Look in the Child Abuse Crimes category for information about those offenses.

Most sex crimes primarily deal with the issue of consent. Related to consent, some of these offenses deal with sex in public places, where other people have not consent to view the public display of affection.

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Many sex crimes convictions require mandatory “registration” as a sex offender. Some of these registration periods can be lifetime burdens. However, under some circumstances, registration requirements may be lifted. See Sex Offender Deregistration

Sex crime prosecutions are growing at a breakneck pace in Texas. Many of these are very easy crimes to find yourself accused of, and they are hard to fight because of the very limited amount of evidence the state’s attorneys need to have to go forward with a prosecution. Often, there is only one witness, the accuser, and there is no physical evidence to support any conclusion or to use in defending yourself. If you want to learn more about a particular sex crime in Texas, click on the appropriate link below. If you have found yourself accused of a Texas Sex Crime, learn more about our Sex Crime Defense Practice.

The list below contains each of the Sex Crimes in Texas.

*The offense defined as “Homosexual Conduct” is still on the books as a crime in Texas, but it has been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

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