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All Texas Offenses

All of the Texas state offenses in the Penal Code and other related statutes in Texas law are listed below. The list starts with the Penal Code, beginning from the lowest-number chapter and section and progressing through the highest-numbered sections. The list then continues with the other codes organized in the same manner.

“PC” means the Texas Penal Code. “HSC” stands for the Texas Health and Safety Code. “ABC” stands for Alcoholic Beverage Code. “TTC” stands for Texas Transportation Code.

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Texas Penal Code Offenses:

Texas Health and Safety Code Offenses

Texas Civil Code Offenses

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code Offenses:

  • ABC 106.02 – Purchase of Alcohol by a Minor
  • ABC 106.025 – Attempt to Purchase of Alcohol by a Minor
  • ABC 106.02 – Purchase of Alcohol by a Minor
  • ABC 106.03 – Sale to Minors
  • ABC 106.04 – Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor
  • ABC 106.041 – Driving or Operating Watercraft Under the Influence of Alcohol by a Minor (“DUI“)
  • ABC 106.05 – Possession of Alcohol by a Minor
  • ABC 106.06 – Purchase of Alcohol for a Minor; Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor
  • ABC 106.07 – Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor

Texas Transportation Code Offenses

  • TTC 550.021 – Accident Involving Personal Injury or Death (Failure to Render Aid, resulting in Injury or Death)
  • TTC 550.022 – Accident Involving Damage to Vehicle (Failure to Render Aid, resulting in Damage to Vehicle)
  • TTC 550.024 – Duty on Striking Unattended Vehicle
  • TTC 550.025 – Duty on Striking Structure, Fixture or Highway Landscaping

Minor traffic offenses in the Texas Transportation Code have been omitted.

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